The Design Wonders of the Mazda3 5-Door

The Mazda3 5-Door appeals to a wide range of different customers across a vast spectrum of hatchback fans. The manufacturer put enormous effort into crafting an appealing design. Of the different hatchbacks on the market, the Mazda3 5-Door does stand apart.

Incredibly, Mazda's design process with this model heavily involves the use of clay. Instead of going directly to 3D digital design models, those creating these vehicles produce renditions with old-school clay. The designers produce an early stage version that then moves on for improvements in the digital design arena.

The vehicle's paint scheme undergoes deliberation carefully before any choice. The car's look relies on its paint job. Everything from the creation of original paint mixes to the actual application undergoes a deliberate process. The finished look displays the fruits of the labor.

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