Ellen is Quite DeGeneres with the Mazdas

Sometimes, it's hard to accept when a long-held, beloved car is ready to be put to pasture. And sometimes, we don't have the luxury of losing it--especially if our jobs rely on them. Fortunately there are folks like Ellen DeGeneres who are there to bail those folks out of their tough spot with a brand new, fuel efficient and undeniably stylin' Mazda.

How are they able to accomplish this, you might ask? Well, Mazda and Ellen have partnered together with Drive For Good, a program that helps those who need their vehicles replaced get new ones. The program is promoted through Ellen's own TV show, and occasionally even features such people receiving their new cars.

If you haven't considered a new Mazda before, there are more reasons than ever now! Our Redwood City, CA has some of the most fuel efficient, stylin' models around. So why not swing by and see what they have to offer you?

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