The Creative CX-5 Stars in New Mazda Commercial

Here at Towne Mazda our vehicles are highlighted by some incredible technology that always is talked about in the media.  The SKYACTIV systems that power our rides are worthy of the praise, but we would like to talk about something different.

The creative design that goes into each of our models is epitomized by the new 2014 Mazda CX-5.  Styled with an uncompromising mindset, our crossover SUV's looks match the innovative technology under the hood.  In a new commercial the vehicle stars alongside a person who dared to invent with the same mindset to raise the bar and change the world he lived in.  Take a look below:

The late great Tom Sims and his invention of the snowboard forever changed the world of winter sports, and his creative idea to combine skateboarding and skiing is truly inspiring.  The CX-5 was born from this same idea, and takes style and ability to a new level for crossover SUV's.

To come check out this model stop by our showroom today and see it in the inventory of new Mazda vehicles.  Take it for a test drive here in Redwood City, California to feel the uncompromising creativity in action, we look forward to seeing you.

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